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PREORDER Goggle Fins

PREORDER Goggle Fins

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Apologies, merfolk! 

Due to a small change in our manufacturing process, there has been a delay to our usual goggle fin restock.

We are so grateful for the growing interest in our products, and we are doing our best to serve all of our custoMers ~ both old and new. 

With the California Mermaid Convention May 17-19th, we decided to hold what little remains of our inventory for the event. We will repost what's left on our site Monday, May 20th. 

However, ordering here will be the best way to get your fins as quickly as possible for swim season! Here's how it works: 

We give this preorder list top priority!

When our restock does come in, we'll ship them to you straight away!

If we run out of the design you want before we get to you on the list, we will push one through manufacturing with your name on it!

We appreciate your understanding & support.

*Ships in 4-8 weeks depending on design & demand. 

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