How long will it take for my GogGills to arrive?

We aim for an 8-week production period. However, we cannot begin physical production until we have received all customer inspirations, and agreed on a design first.

I don’t know which size GogGills I should get.

After ordering, you will receive an e-mail to share you size preference.

If you are unsure, we will gladly provide a sizing consultation.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. However, shipping pricing is dependent on location. Longer shipping times are to be expected, especially amid the COVID Pandemic.

How do we design the GogGills?

Once your order is placed you will receive a comprehensive design packet.

You can choose to color in your own GogGills template, or we will personally design your GogGills for you!

Please provide accurate representations of your "Mersona" inspirations and colors for us to reference. Online image colors may vary significantly on different screens. Color HEX numbers and multiple references are encouraged.

You may attach your own pictures, but please follow these PHOTO TIPS:

1. Photos with outdoor natural lighting is best.

2. Avoid under or overexposed images.


Following these tips is best for successful color matching


Can I have shaded lenses?

Yes! We currently have black lenses for the regular size, and light blue for the compact size. We can issue these lenses after ordering for a $30 fee.


Do you offer Prescription GogGills?

At this time we do not offer prescription lens silicone GogGills.



-Painted GogGills color may vary slightly from the original design

-Improper strap adjustment may result in wear, tear, and ripping of your straps. You will be given proper GogGills adjustment and care instructions with your product.

- Extended use or improper fitting can result in soreness, redness, or bruising around eyes.

-The GogGills are for recreational swimming, and are not suitable for deep diving. There is no way to relieve pressure around the eyes that results from deeper diving. 

-Each pair of GogGills are covered by a 30-day warranty. Warranty does not cover scratched or damaged lenses.