Meet the Team

Becca Semans - Owner & Founder

Commonly known as "The Millennial Mermaid" Becca has been in the water long before she grew her fins. What started as a silly idea, “Mermaid Goggles” has taken years of development. She is very proud to be sharing the GogGills with her fellow merfolk, and looks forward to never losing her contacts in the water ever again!

Jonathan Aspittle - Lead Artist & Painter

Jonathon is the owner of Crowcaw Fx. He has built a foundation of artistic skill from years of special fx makeup and design. Jonathan is also known for his incredible repairs and repaints for mermaid tails, as well as his own line of tails,
La Sirena.

GogGills is a company founded on the promise of quality and care. Made entirely in the United States, we pride ourselves on the highest standard for every single pair we create.