Fitting & Care Guides

Goggle Fins Fitting & Care

Our complete "Goggle Fins Care Guide" video can be viewed here:



1. Adjust the goggles WITHOUT THE FINS to your face first!

(Don't over tighten your goggles)

2. Open the snap attached to the elastic, and set the fin over its corresponding lens. Loop the elastic over the nosepiece, and close the snaps. 

3. Place your thumb on the backplate of the metal clasp to easily open and close. Close the clasp over the straps to your goggles. This step varies between every individual pair of goggles.  Make sure the metal clasp closes all the way, to make sure it is secured. 

4. Give your goggles a good shake to check if they are attached. If they are on correctly, they will not fall off.


1. Do not leave the fins on your goggles after swimming. This creates unnecessary wear and tear.

2. Open the metal clasp and unsnap the loop to easily remove.

3. Rinse with fresh water. Both chlorine and salt water are extremely damaging to this product, so try not to skip this step.

4. After rinsing, you can squeeze your fins in a towel to remove most of the water. Try to dry them as much as possible. If they are still wet when you put them away, be sure to point the metal clasps outward to prevent any staining.*

*Unfortunately, our metal clasps are prone to rusting. By placing something under the clasp, such as a Q-tip, you can prevent excess rusting and staining to the fabric.

5. Use the netted bag provided to keep your fins safe & secure! 


Silicone GogGills Fitting & Care

Before trying your new GogGills on, loosen the straps all the way. Loosen the straps by lifting up the tab underneath the fin. 

Place one strap near the crown of the head, and one lower. Tighten each side a small amount at a time. Take turns between either strap so once they are fitted, they are tightened evenly on both sides.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN YOUR STRAPS! This will stretch out the nosepiece of your GogGills, and can ruin them. A good suction is more important than tight straps. Your GogGills will tighten up even more once you start swimming, due to the pressure increase as you dive down.

After you are done swimming, place your GogGills in the case provided. Follow the rule: "If they aren't on your face, then they're in the case!"

Rinse your GogGills with freshwater, and allow to dry before closing the case fully. 

If you lose or break a part of your case, please let us know & we'll send you a replacement at no charge!