Why Mermaids Need Goggles

Why Mermaids Need Goggles

Mermaids are mystical aquatic creatures. So you may be asking yourself, why do they need goggles?

Humans who have the ability to transform into mermaids take great tolls on their physical body. They suffer from blistered feet, bruising, pulled muscles, scrapes, and strains. Already, the toll of turning into a mermaid is extensive.

But there's one part of the body that we can take measures to protect, and it's the eyes. Eyes are invaluable, we use them everyday. When we swim with our eyes open to the water, we risk exposing them to harsh chemicals, bacteria, and particles. These exposures can result in blurred vision, scratched corneas, and infections such as pinkeye. These injuries are often underestimated, and can be agonizing.

Kids are full of questions, so let them know that mermaids aren't accustomed to pool waters with chemicals like chlorine. Some mermaids reside in freshwater, and can't withstand saltwater. Besides, the top half of a mermaid is human, they don't have fish eyes!


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