The Best Goggles for Merfolk on Amazon

The Best Goggles for Merfolk on Amazon

Hey Merfolk! 

The sun’s starting to come out, and with summer right around the corner we thought we’d put together a cohesive list of swimming goggles that we recommend from Amazon! All of these goggles are compatible with our line of fabric goggle fins, and we’ve taken the time to outline the key features for each of them. 

Let’s jump in!

These colorful goggles are called “open straps” and they have been gaining in popularity among swimmers! They have one clip on the back that make them easy to put on. Great for kids, and klutzy merfolk alike. Most of these are sold in packs of 2, so you can have color options! Typically, clear lenses are used at indoor pools and mirrored lenses provide more sun protection for outdoor pools. However, this is just an option, and you can choose your lenses based on personal preference. 

You can shop the 2 packs of open strap goggles HERE:

And HERE for open strap goggles marked specifically for kid’s sizing / smaller faces:

However, if you’re shopping for kids specifically, you may want to check out the following goggles. Kids are generally rough on things, and may not know how to adjust and fit the goggles. Make sure to help your kiddos size the goggles to their head the first time around. You should never have to pull on the straps excessively to adjust them. There are small mechanisms that need to be released or pressed in order to adjust the straps with ease. 

 I have personally seen these particular goggles go through the ringer with my own niece and nephew, and I’ve gotta say that I’m impressed with how they’ve held up. If you’ve got destructive guppies in your lives like mine, check out:

Kid resistant basic goggle:

If looks are more important to you and your guppy than sturdiness, you can also check out these pretty crystal mirrored goggles

Another goggle that is great for kids AND small faced adults alike are these clear classic Speedos. Mostlikely, you’ve seen these bad boys before, hanging around the pool deck. They’ve been around for years and they’re a solid option for mermaids who are looking for a clear goggle.  They will yellow or whiten with age, so remember to rinse them with freshwater after swimming & keep them out of the direct sun. Reminder: best for small faces. For what you get, they are a great price, too.

Speedo basic clear goggle:

 Here is the TYR equivalent of them in case you have a brand preference.

TYR basic clear goggle:

While we’re talking about clear goggles, we’d like to include the Aquasphere Kaimans. These are the hyper clear goggles that we pair with our premiere Silicone GogGills. While they are a little more expensive, they are a higher quality and will last you several years with proper care. What we love most about the Kaimans is their total clarity. Every piece of them is clear, so they hide well for photos & videos. They have an easy adjusting strap with a clip that secures down the excess strap.

clear aquasphere gogglesHyperclear Aquasphere Kaiman Goggles:


Aquasphere Kaiman Compact Unisex Adult Swim Goggles - Comfortable leak-free Vision for Smaller Faces


Hyperclear Aquasphere Kaiman Goggles (SMALL):




Lastly, we’d like to recommend a couple prescription goggles. Though we will probably write an independent blog on these bad boys, here are a few we’d suggest. Unfortunately, most prescription goggles are sold with whole number diopters. This means if you have a half diopter prescription (ie -1.5) you’d either step up or step down. Additionally, most of these goggles are sold with the same prescription in both lenses. This means that if your eyes have different degrees of vision impairment, you’ll have to choose something in the middle.

However, most of these have a removable nosepiece, and therefore can be taken apart. So you could order 2 pairs, then Frankenstein them into a pair that’s perfect for your specific needs. 

These prescription goggles are clear, but they only come in positive diopters, or for far-sided merfolk. They're priced fairly for prescription goggles, and are the only prescription pair we've found that are totally clear. 

glasses goggles






Far-Sided Clear Prescription Goggles:

These ROER goggles have clear lenses, but the frames are black. They also have one in pink. They are for near-sided merfolk. (negative diopters) 

Near sided black frame goggles:

These ones have mirrored lenses, and are a more affordable option. 

Near sided mirror lenses goggles:

 And finally, these smoke-colored goggles are suitable for all diopter levels!

prescription goggles

Smoke lens prescription goggles:

We hope that you’ve found this list helpful to you! Finding the right goggles for you takes trial & error. Although color & style plays a big part in your choice- the most important is the shape! 

When your new goggles arrive, test them immediately! You can do this out of the water. Simply press the goggles into your eye sockets, no need to put the straps on. If the goggles suction to your face, even for a moment, they should be ok! The better the suction, the less likely they are to leak underwater.

Remember, several of these have interchangeable nose pieces, changing the distance between the eyes. Don’t over tighten your straps, this will stretch out your goggles to a point where they may not fit anymore!

If you ever need help with your mermaid goggles, feel free to shoot your questions to our social media, or email

Good luck, merfolk! Have a great summer and just keep swimming!

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